Holy Hospitality


Queuing has become part of the contemporary restaurant experience, people love to queue, waiting in line make their expectations grow, queuing enhances the dining experience.
It has also become a common cultural fashion in London. As if a restaurant doesn’t have a big queue, probably its food it’s not going to be good as well. The bigger the queue, the better the food, and the value.
The queue isn’t a still life, it’s is a living organism: it crowls, it speaks, it lurks, it is alive, it’s a way for the restaurant newcomers to gain information about the place, share their opinion on food.
Queuing also develops as a contemporary ritual, a rite of passage from the outside world to the inside world, from the City the to Restaurant, also known as the House.
There is a reason why the people in the industry call it the House. Common expressions like It’s on the house, house cocktail, house wine aren’t just meaningless sayings, they are well explainable definitions.
Just like a house  the restaurant has its own kitchen, bathroom, staff rooms, hidden spots and secret places, locked doors; whoever works in a restaurant it’s not just a colleague, it’s rather a family member. And just like a family in order to get accepted and welcomed in the clan the newcomers have to go through several rites of passage.

(excerpt from Holy Hospitality (anthropology of hospitality) soon to be released on December 2015 for ctrlaltwrite)



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